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September 16, 2020: Camel cart in Rajasthan


While one usually associates camels with Arabia, there's a sizeable population of them in Rajasthan.  In fact, there's a camel festival held in Bikaner every year that is very popular and would be worth seeing if the opportunity presented itself.  Bob Cranwell shared a terrific piece on this website a few years ago that's also worth a look.

Camel, Rajasthan (2)

Camels aren't pets here -- they're beasts of burden and well-utilized animals,  often living 40-50 years.  Besides being used in transportation, they provide leather, milk, and meat.

Camel, Rajasthan (3)

This cart came racing down the street, the camel moving its long legs in a brisk trot.  Fortunately I had a fast lens on my camera and was able to catch a series of photos of it as it turned the corner and quickly disappeared in the distance.


Images (3)
  • Camel, Rajasthan (1)
  • Camel, Rajasthan (2)
  • Camel, Rajasthan (3)

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