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Selfie sticks booted from Disney parks

You won't see this at Disney anymore!     Photo: Marco Verch / Wikimedia


Starting Tuesday, June 30, selfie sticks are out of the picture at Disney's theme parks, world-wide. Out of your picture, and out of your fellow-visitors' as well.


A combination of complaints from guests whose pictures or personal space has been invaded by the phone-on-a-stick tools, and safety concerns, especially on rides, has led to 


the ban. Previously, the sticks were banned only on certain rides; last wee

k a violation shut down a roller-coaster for an hour at Disney California Adventure.


The ban applies to Disney operations in Paris and Hong Kong as well. Visitors will have the option of leaving their sticks at the gate for later pickup, or returning them to their cars or hotel rooms. Visitor bags are routinely checked at park entrances.


Other park operators have banned them in some areas and rides; this is the first whole-park ban. Many museums have also banned selfie sticks. More detail from the Orlando Sentinel.      T-shirt image:




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