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Scandinavia booms with Europe's fastest-growing cities


Scene in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.                Photo: Jurgen Howaldt / Wikipedia

Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, in that order, have been tabbed as Europe's fastest-growing cities in a report compiled for Stockholm's Chamber of Commerce, surveying cities all over Europe.

Stockholm is expected to reach over a million people by 2020, an 11.4% bump over the present 912,000. For Copenhagen, the report predicts 10.3% and for Oslo 7.9%.

"We are really happy and optimistic about this population growth because it creates more of a critical mass in Stockholm which will help us in the global market moving forward," Maria Rankka, CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, told The
"It's also worth noting that dating back to the mid-90s we have had a very steady GDP per capita growth (...) so it's not just the population that's growing, it's the wealth as well."
However, she joins some others in concern that growth and development in the cities' infrastructure can keep up with the growth. For more info from TheLocal, click HERE

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