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Saudi King and His 700 person Entourage Draw Mixed Reaction in France


          French Patisserie, Cassis by IslandMan


King Salman of Saudi Arabia will be arriving in France with a 1000 person entourage. He and his inner circle will stay at their private villa on the Riviera coastline between Antibes and Marseille. 700 more of the entourage will stay in Cannes. 

 Hundreds of other Saudis citizens will follow, making the total  number of people over 1000.


While the hotel industry is pleased in Cannes, others are upset that a kilometer of public beach will be closed for security and privacy reasons .Coastguards will stop anyone coming within 300 meters on the sea front as well.

A petition already has more than 50,000 signatures objecting to closing a public beach.

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