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Sankt Johann in Tirol, Austria


After a short road trip to Innsbruck, Austria we still had some vacation time to kill, so we decided to head for the nearby ski resort of Kitzbuhl.  A heavy snowfall began as we set off, so I decided to take a little longer route, but on main highways for a safer journey.  When the snow kept coming down and piling up, we chose to stop at Sankt Johann in Tirol and grab a room.

church 2


As it turned out, the snow kept piling up, so we stayed here for the duration and didn’t make it this time to Kitzbuhl.


The town is just south of the German border below the Chiemsee and east of Innsbruck. With the deep snow, we enjoyed our few remaining days walking the town, enjoying the Alpine views and as always, the magnificent interiors of the local churches.  The train station is a hub for the local area.

st johann alpine view

st johann train station

This area was conquered by the Romans in 15 BC.  The town got its name from an early 700’s AD Catholic church which was dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. From the 16th to the 18th centuries, the town became rich from its copper and silver mines.

st johann religious marker


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