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Rural village gives city tourists noise warning


"If you can't stand the noise, stay out of the country" pretty much sums up an advice poster and campaign by the village of Ribadesella in Spain's Asturias region.

The poster warns that “Here we have church bells that ring out regularly, roosters that crow early in the morning and herds of livestock that live nearby and at times carry cowbells that also make noise,” and concludes that “If you can’t handle all this, you may not be in the right place.”


The campaign started, according to the town mayor, when he got tired of a visitor who called up “three or four times about a rooster that woke her up at fivein the morning,” He also cited complaints about donkeys braying and cow pats on village roads. He told Spanish broadcaster Antena 3 that visitors need to “realise that milk does not come in cartons , the cows bring it and you have to feed and maintain them.”

Ribadesella image: Manuel M. Vicente/Wikimedia

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