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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Feb. 15, 2014: Mandalay Marionettes Theatre, Burma


World famous, Mandalay Marionettes Theatre is keeping this traditional performance art form alive for the Burmese people and for visitors to this northern Burma city.  Originally a royal entertainment, it’s now available to all for the exceptionally modest price of a ticket.  

Marionettes, Mandalay.From time to time the art form has also been the means for political statements by the artists, landing some in prison when their puppet alter egos saw fit to criticize the regimes in power.

Mandalay Marionettes Theatre.During the day a marionette maker works in front of the theatre creating various sizes of the elaborate puppets, available for purchase inside the theatre where visitors may also buy tickets for the evening performances.  

  Entrance to the theatre.

Accompanying the puppeteers is a traditional Burmese orchestra of 5 musicians, a harpist, and several human dancers that, together, provide a wholly engaging evening's entertainment.

Read more about the Mandalay Marionettes Theatre here .

And see a sample performance here .


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  • Puppet Maker, Mandalay.
  • Marionettes, Mandalay.
  • Mandalay Marionettes Theatre.
  • Entrance to the theatre.

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