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President John F. Kennedy Gravesite, Arlington National Cemetery


The assassination of President Kennedy when I was 18 was an event I, and I’m sure most Americans alive at the time, can never forget. So on a trip to Washington DC an important item on my itinerary was a visit to his gravesite at Arlington Nation Cemetery.


It was Mrs. Kennedy, ever mindful of her husband’s legacy, who agreed on the burial at Arlington and requested the addition of the eternal flame that burns at the head of the President’s grave. And remembering Lincoln’s wish to be buried with his deceased son, Willie, Jackie added plans for the Kennedy’s 2 deceased infants, Patrick and Arabella, to be reinterred with their father.  Patrick is on his father’s left, Arabella on her mother’s right.


In 1994 Jackie was buried beside her husband and nearby are the graves of the President’s brothers, Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Edward M. Kennedy.


There are a number of websites detailing the planning, construction, changes and other interesting historical aspects of the site. Wikipedia’s is one, of course:

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