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Praia Farol de Bahia, Salvador, Brazil (Where Gumbo Was #334)


This week Gumbo was visiting the Barra neighborhood of Salvador, Brazil. Congratulations to George G, Professor Abe and Roderick Simpson for figuring it out.

witw344_tuesBahia Lighthouse

Salvador has a long history as the home of Afro-Brazilian culture. It was the primary entry port for enslaved Africans, and the center of Brazil’s plantation economy. Today remains a center of African culture.

witw344_friFood vendor near the lighthouse

witw344_sat1The use of marble stones to pave the sidewalk harkens to Brazil's Portuguese roots

Gumbo spent the week at the beach, in the Barra neighborhood, specifically at the Praia Farol de Bahia (Bahia Lighthouse Beach). Barra sits at the southwest corner of peninsula that makes up the city of Salvador. It is also at the entrance to Bay of All Saints, a large bay that made the area a natural port for European colonists.

witw344_sun1Moro de Christo


Today, Barra is undergoing a revival. The city is rebuilding the waterfront and providing more infrastructure. The promenade has been converted into a pedestrian mall and new restaurants, hotels and b-and-b’s have moved into the area. Meanwhile, the beach is still a draw for locals who come down to sit on the sand, or play beach football. For us it was a wonderful base for our stay in Salvador.

witw344_sun2Playing beach Football

witw344_wedThe beach at the lighthouse


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