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Prague: Alternative Guide to the City


With millions of visitors each year, the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Whether you are a romantic traveller, a history lover, a foodie or an art and architecture enthusiast, Prague will welcome you with many memorable surprises. But, though its famous tourist attractions should be on your must-see list, there is much more to see in this charming city.

If you are interested in the unique experiences this city has to offer, continue reading this article. You will find out how to enjoy the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic in a different manner and what you can find away from the tourist trail. Enjoy reading!

Catch Sight of a Nuclear Bunker

Most of the nuclear bunkers built across Czechoslovakia to protect its citizens in case of an attack during the Cold War, are closed and forgotten. However, there are some still open and ready to satisfy your curious eyes.

Visiting a nuclear bunker might be considered dark tourism, but knowing all the aspects of our past is very important, especially if you are a history aficionado. And if you want to get even more information, you should visit the Prague Nuclear Bunker Museum and admire its incredible collection of Cold War memorabilia.

Have Lunch at a Socialist Canteen 
If you are following the present trends, you might be interested in the vintage spots of the cities you visit. Well, while in Prague, forget about the retro coffee shops and restaurants you’ve seen on Instagram, and check out a real socialist canteen.

As you probably know, the Czech Republic used to be a socialist country, filled with canteens usually open for lunch, when they sold cheap but filling food to hungry souls. Now they are closed, and the city is full of hip restaurants and cafes. However, Jidelna Svetozor is still open, and it takes you back to 1989 as soon as you set foot inside. Check it out for a unique experience, but don’t expect to find a fancy menu!

Explore Prague's Religious Relics

Though Prague is not a religious country, the number of beautiful churches it hosts is impressive. And that is not all. Many of these churches’ walls are filled with interesting and unusual religious artefacts.

If you want to spend some time exploring the city’s ecclesiastical oddities, you should make a list of the best ones. You can begin with the famous Infant Jesus of Prague, a tiny 16th-century wax-coated wooden statue that has his clothes always changed by the Carmelite nuns. Continue with the bearded woman statue in the Church of Loreto, and don’t forget the thief’s hand in the Basilica of St James. If time permits you, don’t say no to a memorable day trip to Sedlec Ossuary, a well-known chapel decorated with human bones.

Feed Your Curiosity with Prague's Weird Art

If you've heard of David Černý, you know he is famous for the unusual sculptures he creates. Well, he might be famous in London or Brussels, but Prague is his home town. This means you can find his provocative art everywhere.

Begin your weird art tour with David Černý’s Babies, a group of faceless toddlers climbing Žižkov Tower. Then check out the lifeless Horse, the two men urinating on the map of the Czech Republic known as the Piss, as well as Franz Kafka’s Head. Also, don't miss the life-size figure of Sigmund Freud swinging from a rooftop, a piece of work known as Hanging Out.

Have a Beer in a Cool Place: Cross Club

The Czech Republic is known as the capital of beer, so you can’t visit Prague and not indulge in a few glasses of Pilsner or the tasty craft beer available all over the city. Also, the city is famous for its bustling nightlife, and if you are a party animal, exploring it under the moonlight will make your trip complete.

If you want to stay away from all the touristy bars and clubs located in the city centre, you should check out the locals’ favourite spots. One of them is Cross Club, a bizarre and unique place where you can listen to drum and bass, techno and house. But there is more to this three-floor factory. It is also a place where activism and education are mixed with amazing electronic concerts.

These are just five things you can add to your alternative city guide to Prague, but the city hides many more interesting things to do and see. If you plan a longer trip and this guide is not enough, you can always let a company put together a longer list based on your character and personal preferences.



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