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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec. 14, 2013: Columbia River with Monks


On my first visit to Portland, Oregon I drove east of the city one day to have a look at the much celebrated scenery of the Columbia River.  Pulling off at a view point I saw this group also admiring the view and, having recently returned from a visit to Burma, I knew a monk when I saw one.  I chatted with them and they told me that they were, indeed, from Burma and didn’t mind at all if I took their picture.


I found the encounter ironic as generally speaking I’m reluctant to take pictures of people without their permission.  So I’d left Burma with very few pictures of the colorfully robed Buddhist monks and the few I had were taken on the sly and not good.  So for my patience I was rewarded with this one, very unexpected and most welcome.


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  • Monks in Oregon.: Burmese Buddhist Monks admiring the Columbia River Gorge (September, 2013).

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