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Pokemon Go makes Dusseldorf traffic No Go


Dusseldorf has asked the makers of Pokemon Go to shut down "Pokestops" on the Girardet bridge because they'd like to restore the bridge to traffic use.

So many gamers have crowded the bridge, which has 4 Pokestops, that authorities were forced to re-route traffic at the end of July. The city wants to be able to re-open the bridge as school holidays end soon.

At first, the city tried to make the gamers comfortable, with portable toilets and plans for a food truck, but as the bridge became impassable and neighbors complained about noise, that changed.

A similar situation occurred in nearby Cologne, where city and church authorities asked game-maker Niantic to shut down stops at Cologne's historic Cathedral because crowds were becoming annoying, and interfering with both services and tourist visits.

In other Pokemon news from Germany, Volkswagen, ThyssenKrupp and several other companies have banned workers from playing on their worksites. You'd think, wouldn't you?

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