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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Feb. 1, 2014: An Antique House in Fujian, China


On the second day of a 2 day tour of Fujian tulou clusters, begun with a large Chinese group on a bus and finished the next day alone on foot, I walked along a road with my non-English speaking guide and came upon this beautiful house.  Using sign language, our only option, he asked if I’d like to go inside.  I wandered around the beautiful old place, a roadside museum of sorts, showcasing its exquisite historic architecture, before walking on to the next tulou.  

An antique house in Fujian, China.

As all signs were in Chinese characters and my guide and I could not converse, I cannot tell you anything more about it except to say that, as I see it, beauty really needs no words.

Read more about the tulou of Fujian here.


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  • An antique house in Fujian, China.

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