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Paris: Scooter companies offer new safety plan


Faced with a possible ban on their e-scooters when their licenses run out in February, the three companies operating in Paris—Lime, Dott and Tier—have offered the city a package of new rules and safety measures.

The city has threatened to allow the authorization to lapse in view of increasing accidents and injuries, complaints about scooters running on pedestrian sidewalks, and scooters being carelessly parked blocking access or just vandalized. In September, the city tasked the operators to develop measures to answer the complaints.

Among the proposed measures

  • Age verification tools for the whole scooter fleet by November 28th.
  • Adding license plates to scooters, making it easier to enforce rules and identify offenders. Repeat offenders would be banned from renting.
  • Funding an experiment using cameras to detect highway code violations
  • Testing sidewalk detection tools to prevent riding on sidewalks
  • An education campaign about highway code laws and responsible use
  • Using technology to prevent overfilled parking spots and doubling the number of patrollers to move vehicles from full spaces
  • Financing infrastructure which benefits e-scooter users by increasing the fee paid to the City of Paris

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