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Paris: Flat-rate airport taxi plan starts


A major change starts tomorrow for travelers arriving at Paris's two main airports, with the start of a flat-rate airport taxi plan announced last spring. For many, it will mean a reduced fare ride; for others it may now make taxi fares competitive with shared-shuttle services.

The rates are for 1 to 4 passengers; extra passengers (if they can fit!) are €4 each. No extra charges for luggage are allowed, and the rates are in effect day and night. Taxis can be reserved; €7 for immediate reservation, €4 in advance.

  • CDG to/from Right Bank locations—€50 
  • CDG to/from Left Bank locations—€55
  • Orly to/from Right Bank—€35
  • Orly to/from Left Bank—€30

Based on a comparison with popular shuttle services ( is my favorite) the taxi will now be cheaper for two passengers to some locations, and about the same for three. Taking a cab also avoids the sometimes time-consuming multiple stops of a shared ride. Paris is planning a new express train for CDG, opening in 2023; fares on that line will be €24 per person; taxis will definitely be cheaper for 3 riders.

Drivers are reported to be unhappy with the rates, which will be a considerable savings for most trips. They're advocating for a night premium, a maximum rather than a flat rate, or a more detailed zone map. Time will tell whether they find peace with the new rates. Similar airport flat-rate plans are in effect in other cities, including New York.


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