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Our Best Picks - Top Destinations & Chalets in Dammam


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If you have not visited Saudi Arabia yet, then it is a recommended place you must visit at least once in your life. Dammam is the fifth largest city in this amazing country and offers sensational adventure. There is a mix of experiences waiting for you to explore - ranging from history, cuisines, and markets. To make your stay easy and comfortable, we will share our best pick of destinations and chalets in Dammam, so keep reading.

4 Must-see Destinations in Dammam

The Heritage Village

This is a remarkable fortress, rising high and never failing to catch the eye. Here you will get to explore rich historic relics in a famous collection by Mr. Saad AlBalahi. The collection is inside the five-story fortress so you have quite a height to go before you can lay your eyes on the collection. You get to walk across impressive halls and rooms with remains of the past Arabic culture that was once here. There are awe-inspiring interior designs, weapons, royal jewelry, and old photographs. Servers are waiting to welcome you, dressed in traditional clothes, which makes the experience so rich. They will serve delicious black coffee - so remember to shake your cup three times once you are done. If not - the coffee will keep coming.

If you are a foodie, the main event of the trip to The Heritage Village is dinner. You must not miss it. Find a seat in one of the numerous halls and rooms where food is served. Your table will have food in abundance, and each bite is worth it. The menu has fish, beef, chicken, cheese, samosas, hummus, yogurt (lobna), and much more. It will surely be a meal to remember.

King Fahd Park

Visiting the King Fahd Park is all about having an enjoyable and relaxing day. This park spreads across 1,120 million square meters and has the perfect greenery, amusement park, and lakes. You can also explore the 25 different rides, especially the Cobra ride.

Al-Hob Souk (Love Market)

If you are a shopaholic, then you will love this market. Here, there are all kinds of traditional footwear, clothing, jewelry, and tantalizing spices to explore. Moreover, there are some delicious food stops that you must check out. Take your time to enjoy all the fresh produce, ingredients, and homemade recipes. It is a place where time stands still but before you know it, it is nightfall. Plan a whole day to explore Al-Hob Souk.

The Half Moon Bay and Coral Island

Without seeing the beach life in Dammam, your journey cannot be over. Dammam has become a hot holiday spot with its relaxing tranquil beaches. The Half Moon Bay for one is where you will love the pristine ocean and white sands. It is as its name explains - a half-circle bay. The government keeps it clean and invests a lot in maintenance. You get to explore the aquatic life and enjoy other activities above sea level.

Then there is the Coral Island, which is a marvel. It was the first beach project developed for tourism purposes. You will love the spectacular view here.

Top Chalets in Dammam for You

You can choose from a variety of options; each one offers something unique. Here is a list of the best picks, supported by Almosafer.

Charming Chalet with Pool in Al Faisaliyah

This chalet is just a six-minute drive from Dammam, making it the ideal location. From here, you can easily explore Dammam and return home to rest.

There are all the basic amenities, including an indoor pool, television and speakers, air conditioning, a parking area, and enough soap to keep yourself clean and relaxed after a fun day. You will love the spacious one-bedroom and one-bathroom setting. The master bedroom is spacious and very inviting. You can also spend time in the living room watching all the TV you want. The master bathroom is also spacious and neat. There is a comfortable shower as well.

In the kitchen, you will have a freezer, refrigerator, kettle, and cooking equipment to keep you going.

Spectacular Chalet with Sand Playground

Al Amanah is also about six minutes from Dammam, so staying here makes it a great place for you to have an adventurous stay. If you have kids, they will love the sand playground. They can have all the space and privacy while they have fun. There is a trampoline and slides also. In the meantime, you and your companion can also have a great time in the BBQ area or sit on the patio to enjoy the fresh breeze and twilight in Dammam. There is an indoor majlis also. The master bedroom is spacious and very impressive. The kitchen has all the basic amenities you would need.

Peaceful Istiraha with Kids Playground in Faisaliyah

If you have kids accompanying you on your visit to Dammam, then you will love staying at this location. It has all the basic amenities and a massive playground for kids. It has a large living room, kitchen, washroom, and even a patio where you can spend time under the tranquility of the star-lit skies.

Charming Chalet with Jacuzzi

If you are visiting for business and have work in Al-Hamra'a, you can still spend a memorable night at the Charming Chalet with Jacuzzi. It may be a thirteen-hour and twenty-minute drive away, but the journey is an adventure. There will be lots of breathtaking places to see and stop at for a bit. In the end, coming to a warm jacuzzi is always worth it. This is one of the few chalets with a spacious kitchen, shared patio, master bedroom, living room, additional room, and your jacuzzi. It has all basic amenities as well.

Dammam offers the perfect blend of relaxing and adrenalin-rush-inducing activities. Plan your long day having an adventure of a lifetime and return to your favorite cozy chalets. For more details on the chalets, you can always contact Almosafer.

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