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Our 100th Craft Brewery


Gene and I hit our 100th craft brewery last month. It was a shock when we set down and wrote out all of the breweries we have been to in the US since we moved to Colorado in 2007 and became craft brew enthusiasts.

It was also crazy as a huge storm rolled in and they lost power. At least they were still able to serve beer, lol. What a crazy day for that to happen. However, this place couldn't have had a better name for our 100th brewery - Living the Dream! Although, without power, it probably didn't feel like a dream for the workers, lol.

Living the Dream 1Anyway, one day we really want to travel to all 50 states within a year and have a craft or micro brew in each state. 50 states in 52 weeks. Think we can do it? 🙂 Another thought, I wonder how many more breweries we hit before we can set out on that endeavor. We will see. 🙂 Stay tuned for our continued adventures.

Living the Dream 2


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