Ooops! A Tale of too-many wrong mattresses and a helicopter


Sometimes, when things go wrong, they just keep on going south.

A hotel high up in Austria's Glockner mountain range needed new mattresses for its 120 bed. Ordinarily that wouldn't be such a big deal...put them on a truck and deliver them. But this hotel is so remote and high in the mountains that the hotel owner, the Alpine Association, had to have them delivered by helicopter.

Then the problem: 90 cm mattresses and 80 cm bed frames. You'd think you could just order new ones and have these picked up. Except that now you have 120 old mattresses, and 120 new wrong-size mattresses, and no room for 120 new right-size mattresses.

A group of Alpine rescue workers who were doing training in the area helped load the new mattresses back into helicopters; the replacements won't arrive until fall, and the old mattresses are back in place.

Maybe they should have called IKEA instead!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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