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Old Barn, Northern Tennessee


As regular readers of the website know, I am fond of old barns.  As long as the barn is still standing, it's fair game!

01 Old Barn Tennessee

We came across this one while traveling on a rural road in Northern Tennessee.  It has a barn quilt above its door, of a rather nice pattern.  Barn quilts date back about 300 years to northern Europe.  Immigrants to the US brought them along when they immigrated.  The first seem to have popped up in Pennsylvania.  It was a way for people to decorate their barns with a distinctive pattern, so that people would be able to recognize it if they visited.

02 Old Barn Tennessee

03 Old Barn TennesseeBarn quilts are uncommon where I live.  Does anyone know where they are plentiful?


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  • 00 Old Barn Tennessee
  • 01 Old Barn Tennessee
  • 02 Old Barn Tennessee
  • 03 Old Barn Tennessee

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