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Officer's Quarters, Fort Missoula, Montana


It was about a year ago that we visited Fort Missoula on a nice fall day.  One of the more interesting places in the Fort was a street with multiple nice historic residential buildings, on Ft. Missoula Road.

02 Officer's quarters

There were seven of these Mission style buildings, including the Commanding Officer’s Quarters, all built around 1910.  From 1910 to 1941 they housed junior officers and their families and thereafter served as housing for a variety of government personal.  In 1993 Congress transferred the buildings to the Northern Rockies Heritage Center.

01 Officer's quarters
(commanding officer's quarters)

Best of all were the colorful maple trees that decorated the street.

03 Officer's quarters

04 Officer's quarters


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  • 00 Officer's quarters
  • 01 Officer's quarters
  • 02 Officer's quarters
  • 03 Officer's quarters
  • 04 Officer's quarters

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