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October 3, 2018: A Visit to Dijon


Everyone knows about the Dijon mustard legacy.  It is the only mustard that wife will use, while I am not partial to any brand.  When planning a road trip from my Army base in Germany, I suggested a visit to Dijon and Diane was quick to agree. 

Chateau Sainte Sabine

Chateau Wildlife

While planning this trip I learned that Dijon is a city in eastern France and the capital of the Côte-d'Or département and of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.  Searching for romantic places to stay, I learned of the Chateau Sainte Sabine just a little southwest of Dijon.  The arrangements included a suite in the tower and meals.  Little did I know that the meals were the best (in my opinion) of any I enjoyed in Europe during my 18 years of living there, though Saint Anton am Arlberg was a close second.  The room was very romantic and on the grounds was a small zoo where we fed the dancing goats and the geese in the lagoon. 

Grey Poupon

This Way to Dijon
Dijon France Parade

The local small village had many colorful gems and a diversion from Dijon itself.  Our visit to Dijon included the original location of Dijon mustard and we happened to encounter a parade of musical groups from different countries.  Local food and wine tastings were also abundant.  As an anniversary gift I bought my wife an expensive wine tasting crystal glass and bottle of Beaune wine.  When checking out, I forgot the wine glass and I am ever reminded about it.

Dijon Street Parade

Nuits St Georges

St Sabine Flowered Doorway

St Sabine


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  • Chateau Sainte Sabine
  • Chateau Wildlife
  • Dijon France Parade
  • Dijon Street Parade
  • Grey Poupon
  • Nuits St Georges
  • St Sabine Flowered Doorway
  • St Sabine
  • This Way to Dijon

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