October 14, 2016: Venetian Lion Head Fountain, Crete


This famous and picturistic fountain is in the quaint mountain village of Spili, Crete, in the heart of the country.  It seems to be more of a tourist attraction but is a wonderful site to see.  Spili is a mountain village that is located about 30 km south of Rethymnon.   It is a small village of about 700 inhabitants and an easy visit along the road to Agia Galini on the south coast. The name Spili is derived from ‘spileon’ meaning ‘cave’ because of a cave that is nearby the village.


In the centre of the village is a great, eye-catching, beautiful square with two huge old growth trees, a small waterfall with clear water and 25 stone lion heads from the mouths of which clean waters flow - the jewel of the village.


It is unknown where all that water springs. There are various thoughts and rumors. The certainty is that purest and cleanest water you will find as stated the National General Chemo after special examining. It is natural mineral water without treatment, rich in iron, with 13 °C constant temperature throughout the year and quantity that hasn't been affected in years of drought.


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