October 11, 2018: A Street Market in Buenos Aires


While strolling down busy Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, my wife and I noticed a small market up a side street, which we decided to explore.

01 Market

The market was very informal - some young people selling their crafts on blankets spread out on the sidewalk.  All items were hand-made by the person selling them.  We visited a number of the displays and talked to several of the vendors.  Almost all were backpackers funding their travels with these handiworks, but some were Buenos Aires residents. The market was very informal, moving location frequently so as not to require permitting.

02 Market

03 Market

04 Market

We bought several sets of earrings as gifts, which were lovely, inexpensive and very appreciated by those we gave them to.  Most of the necklaces we saw were just a little "too much" for my wife's tastes.

05 Market

06 Market

07 Market

08 Market


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