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Nov. 29, 2016: Salar De Uyuni & The Southwest Loop Of Bolivia


The Salar de Uyuni, or salt flats, near the small town of Uyuni are surely one of the highlights when visiting Bolivia, if not South America. At 3.653 meters, with a surface of 12.106 square kilometers, this is the largest salt lake in the world.  The vastness of the white plain is the main attraction, especially since this creates spectacular visual effects. The reflection of the sun makes the little “islands” or hills that exist throughout the Salar seem to float in the air when seen from the distance. The most famous island is Incahuatasi, which is covered with cacti that grow up to 12 meters.



But the Salt Lake is not the only highlight in the area: the many “lagunas”, sulfur lakes of various colors where you find large populations of Flamingos, are simply spectacular!





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