November 16, 2018: Grenfell, Saskatchewan


I spotted this interesting Tourist Information building while driving across the prairies on the TransCanada Highway this summer.  Grenfell is a small town in Saskatchewan that cleverly made its TI look like a prairie grain elevator.  As we've previously pointed out, the real counterparts of this structure are disappearing prairie icons.  I enjoyed the row of smaller grain elevators behind the TI, which you can see better (to the left) in the photo below.

04 Grenfell, Saskatchewan (2)

As I'd pulled off the highway, I though I'd drive around the town to see what's there.  Nothing much, really.  A nice historic mural on one of the buildings...

04 Grenfell, Saskatchewan (3)

04 Grenfell, Saskatchewan (4)

A small museum featuring pioneer artifacts (open only during summer months)....

04 Grenfell, Saskatchewan (7)

And it being the prairies, no town would be complete without a modern grain elevator made of concrete.

04 Grenfell, Saskatchewan (9)


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