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New 'airline' charges more for carry-on than check-in


Canada's new discount carrier, NewLeaf, is charging passengers more for carry-ons than for checked baggage—as much as $92 for a 21" carry-on.

The company, which isn't actually an airline but functions as one, says its plan is to "encourage our customers to check their baggage so we can get people on and off the aircraft in the shortest timeframe."

NewLeaf, which is not licensed as an airline, runs flights that are actually flown by licensed charter carrier Flair Airlines. Technically, it's a "reseller of air services" and Canada's Transportation Agency does not require it to hold an airline license.

From its headquarters in Winnipeg, it's planning flights to 11 Canadian cities, connecting a few larger cities to a mix of smaller ones. Seats are sold only directly through its website.

Oh, and that $92 charge is only if you pay at the gate; in advance, it's about $31 or $42 at the counter. Checked bags start at $26.25. More details from TheTelegraph (UK) HERE

Photo: NewLeaf's first flight arrives at Kelowna (KelownaNow)

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