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Nepal bracing for Everest 'traffic jams' and danger


Experienced climbers, both Nepalese and overseas, are worried that traffic jams—too many climbers on narrow paths—and too many inexperienced climbers are leading to more deaths on Mount Everest, and more danger even for the experienced.

This year's total of permits is one of the highest ever, with nearly 400 issued. And while many of those have gone to experienced climbers, observers have reported an increase in the number of people who have bought tickets as if it were for an ordinary adventure, getting their first climbing equipment and  instructions on the spot.

In some cases, climbers have  been spotted with gear on backwards; and an increasing number have been attempting the climb without oxygen. One worry is  that when too many are trying to pass narrow areas, others behind them must wait, inactive, in the cold. This has led to loss of toes, and in one case to death.

For a more detailed report from The Telegraph (UK) click HERE

Photo: Ryszard Pawłowski/Wikimedia

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