April 16, 2018: Montmorency Falls, Quebec


Located at 13km from Old Quebec and across from Orleans Island. Montmorency Falls sits at 83 meters (over 270 feet) high — yes, it is higher than Niagara Falls. It is said to be the province's most spectacular tourist attraction.

Montmorenci Falls

You can walk directly to the foot of the falls or you can take a cable car to the top where a walking path will lead you to the suspended bridge giving you a magnicifient view of the falls and the area. A 487 step staircase will then lead you to the foot of the falls.

Montmorenci Falls

Over the years, this attraction has grown into a very popular park with locals and tourists.

Open year round, you can bike hike and zipline in summer months and snowshoe, ice climb and winter hike in colder months.


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I enjoy the majesty and power of large waterfalls.  I remember a sign but not the location that said something like not to walk on the slippery rocks because you will fall into the forceful currents, then be swept over the falls, and then you will die.

George G