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Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 2


We had a lot of big trips coming up in 2016, and while we were excited about these wonderful trips, they all come with big price tags. With this in mind, I did some research and found some of the best ways to cut our expenses, thus helping us save for these precious trips.  After doing all this research I figured this might help others wanting to save and be able to take their family on a holiday trip or start saving for their summer vacation next year.  

I found 18 money saving tips that can help make these trips possible. There is a lot of information, so I decided the break up the list into 3 separate posts. This is part 2 which contains tips 7-12.  In case you missed it earlier this month, here is part one post of this series titled - Money Saving Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 1.

7 – Cut down on salon and spa costs

salonThere are some people who will say this is not a place to talk about saving, and that no one should be going to a spa anyway if they are trying to save money. What this is about is such things as haircuts, waxing, nail care, etc.  If you can stretch the time between some of these, or do some yourself, it can save you a lot of money. Doing them at home will not only save you on the service, it will also save you from shelling out a tip.  You could also try going to a beauty school where they are usually cheaper because they are still in training.

8 – Visit your local library or Rent E-Books

libraryI am an avid reader and do not have enough money or space for all the books I read in a month.  Not to say I don’t ever splurge and buy books (especially of my favorite author), but I will go and read a bunch of books from my local library or rent e-books from the library. I also will share kindle books with family and friends. It saves so much space and money.

9 – Go for take-out 

take-outWe are a typical busy couple with sometimes difficult schedules and doesn’t leave a lot of time for home cooked meals so unfortunately we do eat out a lot . However, we are trying to save so more often than not we will just grab fast food and try to get healthier options. Doing Fast food may not be as nice as a sit down restaurant, but it is obviously cheaper and saves you from having to give a tip.  We don’t usually order something to be delivered, but if you do,  you might want to consider picking it up. It will save you in delivery fees, and again save you on forking out a tip.

10- Cut coupons

couponsCutting coupons has never really been my thing. I usually don’t have the patience, but I have seen how much people can save and I have recently started using coupons and can see a small difference. It might not be a lot, but it does help out. Some of the grocery stores are even doing digital coupons that you just load onto your account and are used when you scan your shoppers card. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. I like it better than clipping coupons each week.

11- Sign up for freebies and rewards \ credit cards

credit-cardThis is one of my favorite ways for saving money. We have several reward accounts set up with various airlines, hotels, etc. Every once in a while we will receive a free night, or flight, etc It definitely helps. We also save money on gas by shopping at grocery stores that give us a discount at the pump. That helps A LOT!. Don’t forget about frequent diner cards you can get at certain restaurants that will give you a free meal etc after the 10th visit. However, the biggest award we utilize is a money back credit card from U.S. Bank. I use this credit card for everything I can, but make sure to only charge items I can pay off by the end of the month.  Like I said we filter everything we can though this card and usually get a nice amount of money back each month. It goes right into our travel fund.

12 – Make staying in fun

gamesLike most people, we like to go out and have dinner and drinks with friends but that, as you know, can add up quickly. Instead, how about having a fun game night, or dinner and a movie. Each couple can bring a game, or a snack to eat while watching the movie, etc.  You can make it fun and not feel like you are missing out.airplane-moneySo what do you think of these 6 ideas? Are there any that you are doing? If so, are they helping? Thanks in advance for any comments. Again, here is the link to Money Savings Tips, for your Big Trip – Part 1


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