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Minsk in Belarus, a pleasant surprise!


Wow! Entering the elevator and starting the way up amazed me already then! Going up to 28th floor and getting out at the terrace at “The View” was simply stunning! Just forget about going anywhere else for the view. This is it! Sitting by the tall table facing the window, the city was literally at my feet.

01 great-view-of-minsk-belarus-seen-from-the-view

Great view of Minsk seen from “The View”

I do not know where to start… Minsk has surprised me time after time. Or, correction; what I have seen of Belarus in general has. But the latter is a different story…

The Holy Spirit Cathedral is probable what catches your eye first, but there is so much more to it. Minsk is a really clean city and has lots of parks, a lake, and nice walking paths along the river.

Most of Minsk was destroyed during WW2, but a small part still remains. The houses of the old town are mostly colorful, and the most photogenic part is situated by the lakeside. There are many nice bars and restaurants, with nice patios to enjoy outside on a nice day.

My favorite tip when getting to a new place certainly also applies here; just wander around getting lost.  Even better is to know a local, knowing where to go. I was really lucky to have one in Minsk!  But as most travel happens without knowing the locals that is my bonus trick.

What to see in Minsk? I will let the photos speak for me…

02 holy-spirit-cathedral-e1450570192396

Holy Spirit Cathedral

03 the-area-around-holy-spirit-cathedral04 minsk-belarus05 behind-the-holy-spirit-cathedral-e1450618113926
Behind the Holy Spirit Cathedral

06 minsk-belarus-207 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-108 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-209 old-town-in-minsk-belarus

Old Town in Minsk

10 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-311 the-km-0-mark-is-situated-at-the-october-square-in-front-of-the-palace-of-republic-e1450569945129

October Square

12 the-km0-mark-is-situated-at-the-october-square-in-front-of-the-palace-of-republic

The Km 0 mark

13 october-square-in-misk-belarus-e145057006631814 victory-square-in-minsk-e1450569853359

Victory Square

15 names-of-the-fallen-under-victory-square-in-minsk

Under Victory Square, honoring the fallen in the war.

16 the-circus-in-minsk

The Circus

17 national-opera-and-ballet-theatre-of-belarus

National Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus.

18 a-walk-in-one-of-the-parks-in-minsk-belarus

A walk in one of the parks in Minsk.

19 a-nice-walk-along-the-river-in-minsk-belarus

A nice walk along the river

20 fountain-of-independence-and-the-church-of-saints-simon-and-helena-in-minsk-belarus

Fountain of Independence and the Church of Saints Simon and Helena

22 fountain-of-independence-in-misk-belarus23 independence-square-minsk-belarus

Independence Square

When I visited it was also the “Victory Day”, so there was a huge military parade celebrating 70 years since WW2 ended.

25 e2809cvictory-daye2809d-in-minsk-there-was-a-huge-military-parade-celebrating-70-years-since-ww2-ended26 e2809cvictory-daye2809d-in-minsk-a-huge-military-parade-celebrating-70-years-since-ww2-ended-e145057037740928 celebrating-victory-day-70-years-after-e1450570295866


Images (25)
  • 01 great-view-of-minsk-belarus-seen-from-the-view
  • 02 holy-spirit-cathedral-e1450570192396
  • 03 the-area-around-holy-spirit-cathedral
  • 04 minsk-belarus
  • 05 behind-the-holy-spirit-cathedral-e1450618113926
  • 06 minsk-belarus-2
  • 07 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-1
  • 08 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-2
  • 09 old-town-in-minsk-belarus
  • 10 old-town-in-minsk-belarus-3
  • 11 the-km-0-mark-is-situated-at-the-october-square-in-front-of-the-palace-of-republic-e1450569945129
  • 12 the-km0-mark-is-situated-at-the-october-square-in-front-of-the-palace-of-republic
  • 13 october-square-in-misk-belarus-e1450570066318
  • 14 victory-square-in-minsk-e1450569853359
  • 15 names-of-the-fallen-under-victory-square-in-minsk
  • 16 the-circus-in-minsk
  • 17 national-opera-and-ballet-theatre-of-belarus
  • 18 a-walk-in-one-of-the-parks-in-minsk-belarus
  • 19 a-nice-walk-along-the-river-in-minsk-belarus
  • 20 fountain-of-independence-and-the-church-of-saints-simon-and-helena-in-minsk-belarus
  • 22 fountain-of-independence-in-misk-belarus
  • 23 independence-square-minsk-belarus
  • 25 e2809cvictory-daye2809d-in-minsk-there-was-a-huge-military-parade-celebrating-70-years-since-ww2-ended
  • 26 e2809cvictory-daye2809d-in-minsk-a-huge-military-parade-celebrating-70-years-since-ww2-ended-e1450570377409
  • 28 celebrating-victory-day-70-years-after-e1450570295866

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