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Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon Coast


The Oregon Coast has some memorable scenery, so driving highway 101 along it is a visual treat.  A good of example of the state's coast is found at Meyers Creek Beach, which has a large pullout and parking area.

00a Meyers Creek

Meyers Creek Beach is located in southern Oregon, 14 miles south of the town of Gold Beach.  It's known for its sea stacks as well as a two mile stretch of fine sandy beach.

01 Meyers Creek

02 Meyers Creek(Views to the south)

At low tide there are many tidepools to explore, although we didn't have a chance to do that this trip.

Winter brings strong winds, a powerful surf, and surfers.

03 Meyers Creek

04 Meyers Creek(Views to the north)

One of the rocks had a small bridge, located just above the water level which you can spot to the right of center in the photo below:

05 Meyers Creek

I conclude this post with a panoramic view of the beach.  One of my favorite places in the state.

07 Meyers Creek


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  • 00 Meyers Creek
  • 00a Meyers Creek
  • 01 Meyers Creek
  • 02 Meyers Creek
  • 03 Meyers Creek
  • 04 Meyers Creek
  • 05 Meyers Creek
  • 07 Meyers Creek

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