May 10, 2019: Pauperhaugh Bridge, Northumberland


This lovely old bridge is located just minutes from where I live, just off the B6344 road between Rothbury and the A697.


This is an old bridge built by the Duke of Northumberland and then adopted by the County in 1888. It spans a minor road just off the B6344 road and with its five stone arches is one of the most attractive on the Coquet. The two outer arches are land or flood arches, as the Coquet is prone to rise several feet after an unusually prolonged spell of heavy rain as the 2008 floods demonstrated, when this bridge was closed for a time. Unstable, it needed attention in 1951 and further repairs had were made in 1964 and a 9 ton weight limit imposed in 1967. It is Grade 2 listed.


The bridge is a popular spot for fishermen.  There are few buildings, and horses and other livestock graze nearby along the river bank.


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