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May 10, 2017: Frozen Lake - Clear Creek County, Colorado


Last weekend we had some greaet weather and took a road trip near St. Mary's Glacier in Clear Creek County, Colorado.  We saw this incredible frozen lake and had to stop and take some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

Frozen Lake 2

Frozen Lake 3

Frozen Lake 4


Images (3)
  • Frozen Lake 2
  • Frozen Lake 3
  • Frozen Lake 4

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HI Garry, I am not really sure. However we were pretty high up (over 8000 feet) so I think it probably does most of the year. I will let you know if we go back sometime this summer

Most of these high altitude lakes remain frozen most of the year.  While it's further north, I am very familiar with Lake Louise in the Alberta Rockies.  While at only 5200 ft above sea level, it receives a heavy snow fall and the ice remains on the lake until well into June, returning in the early fall.  Hiking in the area is really limited to June, July and early September (unless you hike slogging through snow and slush)

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