Markenfield Hall, North Yorkshire


Markenfield Moat and reflections.Markenfield Hall is a rare moated medieval manor house sited a few miles south of the cathedral city of Ripon.  It's immaculately maintained and provides a valuable insight into medieval architecture in its largely original state.

Moat walk 9 ++

Markenfield moat foliage 14 +++

We had become aware of the hall through our facebook page "North Yorkshire Actually" that we run - members had visited and posted images which ignited my interest. As our One-Clue Mystery, it was recognized by George G and by Michael Fong II.

Markenfield GT Hall 15 +++

Great Hall 3

The attached images were captured over two visits in May.  The staff and hall are very welcoming and the atmosphere very homely, as the hall is a family home.

Markenfield 12 +

Entrance dates and times are limited and admission charges very reasonable. I am a regular visitor to the many castles and abbeys of North Yorkshire, and the Great hall of Markenfield is outstanding in its preservation and quality.

Markenfield gatehouse 1905 +++

Markenfield Gatehouse moat 13 +++

Moat and gategouse 1

Great hall 6

Markenfield Great hall 1905 +++

Markenfield Gt Hall p 1905 +++

Markenfield painting 2 1905 +++

Markenfield painting 1905 +++

Vaulted Kitchen 5

Markenfield Moat 1905 +++

Markenfield door window 1905 +++

|Markenfield moat refs 1905 +++

Markenfield chapel 1905 +++ 1

Corbel headstone 7

Font 8 Chapel

Markenfield LS w 3 1905 +++

The history of the hall is extensive and can be viewed here :-



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