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March 5, 2019: Archaeological Site of Troy


Dating back more than 5,000 years and serving as a key influence on Homer’s Iliad, Troy is one of the most well-known archeological sites in the world and one of the most mysterious. This is the site of the Iliad’s Trojan War and famous Trojan horse.

It is located near Canakkale, Turkey. The first excavations at the site were undertaken by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1870.


Because the ruins span several different incarnations of the city, it’s confusing to know what you are looking at. From Troy I (3,000 to 2,600 B.C.) until Troy IX (85 B.C. to 500 A.D.) the site is a mixture of walls and rocks. Before arriving familiarize yourself with its history or hire a knowledgeable guide to bring the area to life. 



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