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March 23, 2016: St. Patrick's Day Parade - Denver, CO


I love the springtime, but the beautiful flowers are just one of the reasons. I am part Irish, and admit I love St. Patrick's Day celebrations that always happen in March. Thus, I am ashamed to say that I have lived here in Colorado for almost 8 years and had not been to their annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Denver. I know I am horrible and feel like an arse, lol. However, we finally made it to the parade and had a blast. 

St. Patricks Day - BagpipesFor those whom have not been to see the parade, it is definitely worth seeing one year. It is herald as one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parade celebration west of the Mississippi, with over 300,000 annual attendees. With that many people in one area, you definitely want to come early, and take public transportation as parking is always a nightmare. Also plan about 3-4 hours if you want to see the whole parade.

St. Patricks Day - HorsesWe didn't stay the whole time, but saw so many floats and marching bands that I lost count. I loved watching all the spectators as much as the bands and such. Everyone was in a festive mood, dressed up, and proud to be wearing green no matter what the ethnicity. We were one of them, but sadly I forgot to get a picture us of. Oh well, there's always next year. 

St. Patricks Day - Tooley StOne thing I think is really cool is what they call the Changin' of the Sign. Each year the City of Denver paints a green stripe down Blake Street in honor of St. Patrick's Day! Good old Blake Street becomes Tooley Street for a short time. 

St. Patricks Day - DogMay the luck of the Irish be with you next year so you may be able to atteend this amazing FREE family event in downtown Denver.  How can you go wrong. Hope you all had an amazing St. Patrick's Day. 


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  • St. Patricks Day  - Bagpipes
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  • St. Patricks Day  - Horses
  • St. Patricks Day  - Dog
  • St. Patricks Day  -  Tooley St

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I was enjoying Paddy's day in Boston. One guy dressed as a Leprechaun was posing with passers by. He was charging a few dollars to pose with you on your own photo. He asked me if I would like to be photographed with a real Irish Leprechaun. I asked him - in my best English accent - why has no one noticed your Scottish accent. "Shhh -  they're Americans - they don't know the difference" The Scottish are quite good at the blarney too.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. Garry, I loved your comment from the Irish/Scottish guy saying the Scottish are quite good at the blarney too. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing.  

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