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March 22, 2020: Lady in the Park, Winnipeg


I enjoy interesting pieces of public art.  Sometimes a bookish scene like this can qualify as interesting, at least to me.  

01 Lady in the Park

Located in Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park, inside the English Garden, you can find this statue known as "Lady in the Park".  It's a bronze created in 1994 by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel, a Romanian-American artist.

02 Lady in the Park

For years the statue was located at the Winnipeg home of entrepeneur Izzy Asper.  After he and his wife Babs died, the Lady in the Park was donated to Assiniboine Park by the The Asper Foundation.  

04 Lady in the Park

The cold and snow make the setting interesting, more so than a warm green summer scene.  I like how someone placed a woolen hat on the lady's head.


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  • 01 Lady in the Park
  • 02 Lady in the Park
  • 04 Lady in the Park
  • 00 Lady in the Park

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