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March 22, 2018: Lane Foot Cottages, North Yorkshire


These ruins, at  Gunnerside, Swaledale, were once two cottages with sheds. A survey carried out in 2003 concluded that one building was built in the late 17th Century, and another was added in the mid 18th Century to the west end.  They had mullioned windows and probably a thatched roof.

The owners from 1686 to 1788 were the Reynoldson family. Then Lane Foot passed to Simon Harker who left it in 1810 to his sons, who sold it and it’s land for £215 to William Coates.  In 1824 it passed to his sister Dorothy Coates, and on her death to her nephews, William, John and James Coates. When the last of them died in 1878, it passed to their sister Elizabeth Thwaites, and it remained in the Thwaites family until 1951.

Footlane cottage 2

In 1841 these ruins housed 14 people. Anthony Miller, a lead miner, his wife and four children lived in one dwelling. While James Thwaites, a lead miner, his wife and six children lived in the other. 

It was probably two dwellings until 1861, by 1871 only one house was inhabited, by 1891 both were uninhabited.


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