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Manneken Pis, Brussels


Mannequin Pis Brussels #2The famous icon of a little boy urinating into a fountain. However, the one in the fountain is a reproduction from 1965 and the original boy sculpturefrom 1619is in the Brussels City Museum. The name given to the little boy is "Little Julien."The little fella was a lot smaller than I imagined and is sometimes dressed in various outfits, but on ourvisit day he was without clothing.

We really enjoyed our visit to Brussels.  Being with the military I was offered astay at the U.S. State Department building and since our suite was being repainted when we arrived, they put us up in the luxurious top floor penthouse. Besides the museums, we enjoyed our visit to the also famous iconic Atomiumwhich was builtfor the 1958 Brussels World's Fair.

Brussels Atomium

You also can’t leave without having the famous Belgian waffles which we sampled from a small shop with a “To-Go” window.  Sitting on a bench watching the people while munching these delights was a relaxing and fun moment. Mine had strawberries and whipped cream.

Brussels Restaurant DisplayAnother thing we liked was when we went out for dinner, the restaurants would put samplings of their delicacies in icedtrays in front of their establishments so as to advertise the freshness and variety of what was being servedas a way to lure you inside.


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  • Brussels Restaurant Display
  • Mannequin Pis Brussels #2
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