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Malaysia: Scuba diving adventure of a lifetime


Diving is an adventurous sport where a person jumps into water from a height. Scuba diving is diving into the sea or a lake to explore the beauty of the underwater world. I think scuba diving is something which every individual should experience in his/her lifetime. It is both exciting and adventurous.

The scenic beauty of the underwater can leave you mesmerized. There are scuba diving sites all across the world that are popular with tourists. Among them, the Malaysian scuba diving deserves special mention. It has some of the most exciting scuba diving sites I’ve ever seen.

The scuba diving site at the Coral Triangle in Malaysia is known for its serene natural beauty. The scenic beauty is not confined to the underwater, but can also be found on land. Malaysia itself is known for its large biodiversity with a large number of different species. The population of sea turtles, in particular, is large in Malaysia. One can find these turtles during scuba diving; to interact with these wonderful creatures is to have a lifetime experience.

sipadanScuba diving in Malaysia has many options, even for the beginners, so Malaysia is an ideal place for first-time divers to have their first and the best experience. Three meters is shallow enough for the beginners to get acquainted with  the basics of scuba diving. Among the best sites for shallow dives are Kapalai Island in Malaysian Borneo, with views of blue-ringed octopuses, stonefish, lionfish, etc. in these shallow waters.

sipadan2There are also options for experienced scuba divers. Sipadan Island is suitable divers who wish to dive deep into the sea. The island rises up from the ocean floor and paves the way for deeper water locations; the depth can go up to 600 meters, providing more exciting views for the scuba divers. The Island is the home to about three thousand marine and coral species. They include giant turtles, angelfish, sharks, triggerfish, and more—a real treat to the eyes of the scuba divers.

sipadan1There’s more to Malaysia diving than the natural beauty sites; there are also the specialty dive sites, such as the ships that were sunk during the World War II in the Malaysia’s coast. These sunken ships have turned out to be some of the popular and exciting dive sites. Another site worth mentioning is the Sipadan Turtle Tomb.inline2

Malaysian scuba diving sites are a boon for both the experienced and the beginner scuba divers with more options for them. With the esteemed hospitality of the people of Malaysia, one will surely enjoy the wildlife and the natural beauty of the country.


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