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Brooklyn Spring: Magnolias and More Magnolias


One of my favorite times of the year comes each spring with the blooming of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Magnolia Plaza, a spacious and gracious array of many different varieties.

This year, unfortunately, with the Garden closed to visitors, I have only my memories and photos to go by, and to share with you.


The Botanic Garden's magnolia collection isn't just a pretty show. It's been developing the collection since 1932, and many of the hybrid varieties were developed by the Garden, which also serves as a guardian of a number of heritage varieties.


These pictures were taken on a number of different days; the white varieties usually bloom first, starting in May, followed over a couple of months by all the rest of the colors: ivory, yellow, pink, and the glorious purples.


Of course, magnolias aren't the only 'flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!'



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