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Luxembourg American Cemetery


This is my second time visiting the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorials. The first time I was on a tour of Luxembourg. I am on the land portion of a Viking River Cruise headed toward Paris this time.

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It is as impressive and emotionally moving as the first time I visited so many years ago.

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The WWII military war grave cemetery, located in Hamm, Luxembourg City, contains 5,074 American war dead, covering 50.5 acres.

The cemetery was established in 1944 by the 609th Quartermaster Company of the U.S. Third Army while Allied Forces were containing the German Ardennes offensive in the winter of 1944/1945. General George S. Patton used the city of Luxembourg as headquarters.

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The most famous grave is that of Patton. It was his wish to be buried with his troops.

Other notable burials are Private William McGee, Medal of Honor recipient; Lansing McVickar, recipient of the Bronze Star Medal and the Distinguished Service Cross; and Sergeant Day Turner, Medal of Honor recipient.

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After walking among the graves, I visited a white stone chapel embellished with sculptures, a stained-glass window with the symbol of the five major U.S. commands that operated in the region, and a mosaic ceiling.

These men gave the ultimate sacrifice as they fought the Germans. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this or any other military cemetery, take the time to walk among the graves and honor the men and women who served their country.

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