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Loveland Castle, Ohio


Where Gumbo Was #475

Congratulations to Professor Abe and George G for correctly surmising that Gumbo has spent the week visiting Loveland Castle, In Loveland Ohio.

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Loveland Castle, also known as Chateau Laroche, was the pet project of Harry D. Andrews. Andrews was a medievalist, and he always had a love for the era of knights in Europe, and after he returned from his time there during World War I, he brought this interest into his life.

Andrews was a boy scout leader. He named his troop Knights of the Golden Trail (KOGT), and developed a code of conduct that mirrored the age of chivalry. In 1921, parents of two scouts in the KOGT secured two parcels of land on the banks of the Little Miami River. They were able to do this by subscribing to the Cincinnati Enquirer for a year. The land was turned over to Andrews for the use of the troop.

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Andrews decided to build a secure space for the troop to store their gear, and over the years this turned into Loveland Castle. It also became his home, as he carried out the construction. He began by using rocks from the nearby river, and when he could no longer find usable stones, he made his own bricks. You can watch a video about Andrews and the castle here.

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He worked on his castle until the day he died, in 1981. At that point, his former troop members, the KOGT took over the castle. They finished construction and have maintained the structure in his memory.

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A visit to Chateau Laroche is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, especially for families and groups of children. Enjoy walking through the castle, and have a picnic along the Little Miami River.

Nuts and Bolt

  • Loveland Castle is located at the end of Shore Drive, in Loveland OH.
  • Between April 1 and Oct. 31 the castle is open seven days a week from 11AM to 5 PM. From Nov. 1 to March 31 it is open Friday - Sunday 11-5.
  • Cost is $5 per person for everyone over 5 years old.


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