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Looking for vacation solitude? Try these countries!


If you're the sort who wants to get "far from the madding crowd" on your vacation, who wants to share the beach or mountain with practically no one, the U.N. Population Division has done some of the planning for you with its new list of the world's least densely populated countries.

Of course, if you're the more social type, they also have figured out the population density of the most populous, and, actually, all the rest. But for here, we'll stick to the quietest 10, and give you a LINK to a Telegraph (UK) article that discusses each.

Fair warning, though: the population isn't spread out evenly. For instance, Australia's vast area and 23 million population give it a density of 3.1 people per square kilometer, but Sydney and Melbourne have densities over 400 people per km2 which is not Hong Kong, but it's not the Outback, either.

So here's the list, with numbers per square kilometer, starting with Greenland, whose population is so sparse it rounds to 0!

  • Greenland   0.0
  • Falkland Islands   0.3
  • Mongolia   1.9
  • Western Sahara   2.3
  • Namibia   2.9
  • French Guiana   2.9
  • Australia   3.1
  • Iceland   3.3
  • Suriname   3.3
  • Botswana   3.5

Photo: Iceland, population density 3.3


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