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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Feb. 6, 2014: Locked Up For The Week !


Here is a Punishment that's continued throughout history.

This example of Parish Stocks are from the 1700's. Located in Thornton. Outside the Nags Head Pub. A few miles north of Liverpool UK.

Pity its not used today for some bankers !

November 13, 1887, "Gone, too, are the parish stocks, in which offenders against public morality formerly sat imprisoned, with their legs held fast beneath a heavy wooden yoke, while sundry small but fiendish boys improved the occasion by deliberately pulling off their shoes and tickling the soles of their defenseless feet."

This example is made of cast iron and was accompanied on the Village Green by a sundial. Wooden Stocks were previously on this site for hundreds of years - prior to these "Modern Replacements" in 1712

This photo from 1880.


Thornton A mix of 1880 and now in a photo !


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I think this sort of punishment only has an effect if people have shame.  Not sure that's so much a part of modern culture anymore, GarryRF.


I do like those photos with past and present superimposed!  PortMoresby has posted links for some under the forums as well.  Here's that link.

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Having your feet tickled was the only one I could print !

Having a bucket of cold water (or worse) thrown over you - or stoned with rotten eggs were far worse. Many people were known to die from hypothermia and sunstroke and couldn't survive the week !

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