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Life on the Vltava: Where Gumbo Was (#49)


Gumbo likes the idea that there are many places that look alike, and yet have some "feel" of their own that sets them apart.  Experienced travelers looked and placed it in several different locations...none of them bad guesses. But it was Mac who snatched the laurels and recognized Prague.

Below, four scenes--including the puzzle--from a pleasant hour's ride on the Vltava, or Moldau as German-speakers call it, each with a somewhat different vibe, and yet each connected to the other.

You'll see more soon...I've save a lot more for a blog soon on Wandering Through Prague.

Check in tomorrow for our next puzzle. Right now, even Gumbo doesn't know yet where it will be...





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  • Prague-013
  • Prague-13
  • Prague-14
  • Prague-21

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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