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Landscapes: An escape when we are stuck inside


Landscape - /lan(d) · skāp/

At the center of the COVID crisis, the landscape of our lives has become severely limited. We have been confined in our spaces, narrowing the external view both physically and emotionally. But if we look out into the world, and into our memories, we can find the open skies and large vistas of our lives.

Landscape-2Painted Desert Hill

Landscape-3Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Landscape-4Arizona Storm

Landscape-5Asbury Park

Landscape-6Easton's Beach

Landscape-7Atlantic City

Landscape-8Cape May Dunes

Landscape-9Painted Desert

Landscape-10Sunrise 2

Landscape-11Erie Canal

Landscape-12Playa Sucia

Landscape-13Easton's Beach 2

Landscape-14Fog Bank

Landscape-15Cape May Beach

Landscape-16Long Branch

Landscape-17Painted Desert StormLandscape-18Cape May Lighthouse

Landscape-19Saló, Italy

Landscape-20Oregon Coast



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  • Landscape-1
  • Landscape-2
  • Landscape-3
  • Landscape-4
  • Landscape-5
  • Landscape-6
  • Landscape-7
  • Landscape-8
  • Landscape-9
  • Landscape-10
  • Landscape-11
  • Landscape-12
  • Landscape-13
  • Landscape-14
  • Landscape-15
  • Landscape-16
  • Landscape-17
  • Landscape-18
  • Landscape-19
  • Landscape-20

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