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Lambertville, New Jersey (Where Gumbo Was #345)


Congratulations to George G and Port Moresby, who correctly figured out that Gumbo was visiting Lambertville, New Jersey this week.

delaware riverCrossing the Delaware River

Lambertville sits along the Delaware River, about 40 miles northeast of Philadelphia. It was a town of small industries as far back as the 1830s when the Delaware and Raritan Canal provided access from the Delaware River to the Raritan River, allowing goods to travel from Philadelphia to the New York City area.

witw sunday 1

The Delaware and Raritan Canal

By the 1970’s those industries had left the area, and while the town of New Hope, across the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA, was becoming a tourist destination, Lambertville was becoming a quiet, if somewhat abandoned town. During the 1980s, galleries and B&B’s started to open in the town, and it has developed its own tourism businesses.

witw 345 friday 1

witw 345 friday 2

witw 345 saturday 01Art work in a Gallery on Church Street

witw 345 saturday 2

The center of town is filled with beautiful old houses, and storefronts that today house art and antique shops. There are good restaurants also. Finally there is the D and R Canal State Park, which offers over 70 miles of developed train alongside the old canal.

witw 345 sunday 2wtiw 345 wednesday

Lambertville is a great destination for day trips from the NYC and Philadelphia area, and this time of year is a great time to visit the country.

laughing facewitw 345 thursday


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I took a Google street tour of the town.  Beautiful architecture and streets lined with quaint antique and craft store frontages plus cafes.  However, the streets are also congested with above ground telephone / power poles and thick hanging cables that really detracts from the towns beauty.  

George G

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