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Kuching: In Love with a City


Kuching—capital of Sarawak, Malaysia—is where I fell in love, with a city.

Three days here as a solo traveler without an agenda, all I did was explore this tiny, very pretty town on foot, and savour the culinary flavours of its multicultural present, steeped as it is in the colonial past distinguished by the finest pieces of architecture. Old mansions of the British era are now museums and heritage sites, while some ethnic Malay, Chinese, and a few Indian landmarks, also exist.

Modern vibes in the form of an extravagant bridge across the mighty Sarawak river- complete with gazebos- and swanky malls, hotels, cafes and restaurants, the last two mainly across the riverfront- give this place 'something for everybody.'

IMG_3706The Upside Down House

Perhaps this is why I had always something to look forward to and relish in the entire 72 hours I spent here. The only thing that was a tad absurd was the 'Upside Down House' which, after looking high and low for it, turned out to be nothing but a quirky mural next to a popular budget hotel a few yards away from my hostel.

IMG_3715Artisanal coffee on sale in a local shop

Walking everywhere also meant discovering unique delights such as the strong local coffee which was freshly ground and packed for me in front of my eyes- and a steal at MYR 2.50 for 100 grams. There is a free museum or two but the others charge a somewhat hefty fee which I am sure would be money's worth though I was chary to splurge and was happier being outdoors.

The highlight of course would be to simply while away time by the river, sipping coffee or chocolate, or snacking on the dizzying variety of local treats available here, or to just take a 'ride to nowhere' in one of the brightly coloured red buses that ply to the corners of this city for the price of only MYR 1! No better way to check out the countryside, or to access some of the National Parks and/or the quaint surrounding villages.

IMG_3700A view from the riverside

Yes, I had tears in my eyes on the eve of my departure, and I promised my lover I would be back soon. My heart remains in Kuching.


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