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Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia's Melting Pot


Chinatown by the evening light

Kuala Lumpur (meaning 'muddy confluence' in Malay, from the merging of the rivers Gombak and Klang, with their attendant silt) is literally and figuratively a melting pot—of cultures and ethnicities, the modern and the ancient, and the affluent and the rustic.

IMG_3351The part-British part-Moorish grandeur of the Kuala Lumpur railway station

A heady range of transportation options, places and things to indulge the palate, even more places and things to indulge one's purse strings, and obviously a deluge of opportunities to indulge the photographer's lens, distinguish this Southeast Asian capital city of Malaysia.

IMG_3258The 'Pink Mosque' at Putrajaya

Take a leisurely walk along the suburbs or through the multitude of malls, visit the parks and ornamental gardens (albeit with a sometimes hefty fee), go shopping along the sidewalks and designated plazas such as Chinatown and Central Market, pig out on the street food, or simply loll back on the sofa after a lavish repast in one of the plush restaurants.

IMG_3304'Little India' or Brickfields on an early morning walk

Be sure to preserve for posterity the vistas that only a city with such a myriad of dimensions could offer, and then look back and relive those memories again. I wish you a happy journey!


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